Guidelines for authors

We strive to make any collaboration with Oftalmolog rewarding. For all of our authors, we offer free proofreading and optional illustrations by one of our graphic designers. Oftamolog is an innovative journal consistently aiming for excellence. To this end, we strive for friendly and inspiring dialogue with our authors in all stages of the writing process. Writing a manuscript for Oftalmolog should be a collaborative and iterative process.

The editors are looking for high-quality manuscripts of great interest for ophthalmologists in the Nordic countries. We publish well-structured, well-written manuscripts on recent advances in diagnostics and therapy, clinical guidelines, scientific breakthroughs, and outstanding achievements by ophthalmologists. We also publish mini-reviews, case reports, dissertations, invited interviews, and perspectives in ophthalmology. Whatever the format, all text should be written with a popular science tone. Generally, articles range between 1 and 5 pages but may vary depending on article type. Included with the text, we ask for high-quality images and graphics. Remember that all images, figures, tables, and illustrations should have accompanying legends clearly explaining what the graphics represent. If images or illustrations are included, please ensure that either they have not been previously published or you have received the necessary rights and permissions for reuse. Make sure to also cite previously published work and acknowledge the creator.

Use abbreviations sparingly as we want the text to be easy to read. All abbreviations should be spelled out the first time they are used in the text. Moreover, all abbreviations in graphics have to be explained in the legends. Manuscripts should include an abstract of maximum 150 words and take-home messages in the form of 3-6 bullet points. For dissertations, abstracts are not required as these reports normally are brief (one page). Please include references with superscripts used in-text and references listed in order of appearance at the end of the manuscript. Place figures and tables at the end of the document. Submit articles as Pages or Word Documents. Suggestions for the layout will be sent to the authors for final approval before printing. Accepted manuscripts will be published both on and in the print edition of Oftalmolog.

As we are trying to make Oftalmolog as accessible and user-friendly as possible, we have redesigned our website. We are increasing our social media presence and expanding our footprint. We also hope to help connect members of our community. As such, we ask for authors to include links to their personal research pages, social media platforms, and (if relevant) the original published article their submission is based on. We can then link to these pages within the online version of the journal and create QR codes for the printed version.

Rather than charging the authors for publishing, which can cost from NOK 15,000 to NOK 25,000 in some journals, we turn the concept on its head and offer our most brilliant authors annual awards stretching from NOK 15,000 to NOK 80,000. All articles will be automatically evaluated for these journal prizes. The evaluation criteria are twofold:
(1) how interesting the subject is to our readers;
(2) quality of language, pictures, illustrations, and figures.
The two points have equal weight.

The first place (gold) receives NOK 80,000, while silver and bronze will be awarded NOK 30,000 and NOK 15,000, respectively. All articles published in Oftalmolog will be evaluated for these yearly awards, regardless of the subject. There are no guidelines attached to the prize money. Thus, how it is spent is only limited by the imagination. The editors hope that the article prizes will contribute to high-quality articles in Oftalmolog, with authors that cover the entire age range in the field of ophthalmology. We call for collaboration on writing, where younger clinicians and researchers can draw on the experience of more established eye doctors. The award money for Best Paper Awards and Outstanding PhD Awards is generously donated by Thea Nordics and Santen.

Please send all requests and manuscripts to the Assistant Editor, Emily Moschowits, at