Oftalmolog keynote lectures

From 2021 onwards, Oftalmolog presents the keynote lecturer series, in which some of the most distinguished scientists from across the world are invited to share their thoughts on hot topics. These lectures aim to give an overview of the latest discoveries in their field and their thoughts about future developments. It is our hope that the lecture series will be rewarding for both residents and ophthalmologists. The digital presentations will last 20-30 minutes, followed by 20-30 minutes of lively discussion, during which our moderator will field questions from the audience. During the talk, all participants are strongly encouraged to send in questions directly to the moderator via the chat function. Participants can choose to be anonymous or have their names announced by the moderator.

Do not miss out on this opportunity to reach out to world-class experts to get their views and suggestions on any conundrum you may face in your clinical practice. The sessions will be recorded and made available on our webpage.

Oftalmolog keynote papers

Starting in 2021, Oftalmolog features invited concise reviews and perspectives from some of the most brilliant clinicians and scientists worldwide. The articles will have a characteristic threefold structure: a summary of the latest developments in a specific field, followed by clinical pearls on how to excel in diagnostics/therapeutics, concluding with future directions. In addition, a summary of major scientific achievements by the lead author will be published along with the keynote paper.