Peer Review Process

Peer Review Process

Creating a transparent peer review process

Starting in 2023, we are creating a new peer review process. We are now accepting submissions of manuscripts for peer-review publication. Our focus for peer-reviewed publications, will be on perspective articles and mini-reviews. Still, there will be several non-peer-reviewed publications. These includes dissertations, news, awards, and portraits of excellence. This issue presents our first peer-reviewed mini-review.

We have been working hard to deliver a high-quality product and improve year after year. With this latest development, we are very excited about the new opportunities this presents and are hopefully moving towards becoming an indexed journal. Throughout this, we wish to remain transparent in our guidelines and policies while remaining an accessible journal that supports its authors throughout the submission process.

Our Peer Review Policy

There are a few paths a manuscript can follow through our peer review process. First, authors interested in submitting a manuscript can email the journal with a summary of the article they wish to write to see if it could be a suitable topic for a peer reviewed manuscript for Oftalmolog. Alternatively, authors can submit a complete manuscript and we will assess and determine if it meets the requirements to undergo peer review. The Editorial Board may also choose to invite selected authors or author groups to submit manuscripts or put out a general call for papers, especially for special issues.

Authors wishing to submit manuscripts to be peer reviewed can contact the journal at

At least two reviewers will be asked to provide feedback on a manuscript undergoing peer review. Editorial Board members and journal staff might also provide additional comments. Reviewers will be kept anonymous, but their comments will be given to authors to direct the revision process. Multiple rounds of review and revision might be necessary and is left to the discretion of the Editor-in-Chief. If an Editorial Board member is one of the authors, the article will be reviewed only by external reviewers without feedback from the Editorial Board, barring the Editor-in-Chief.

All articles that are peer reviewed will be clearly delineated as such in the journal.

The Peer Review Process
  1. Submission

All articles or potential manuscript topics authors wish to submit to Oftalmolog must be sent via email to Submissions are accepted on a rolling basis. The exception is for special issues or other call for papers on a specific topic, which will have a specified deadline. You will receive confirmation of your submission no more than 1 week after receipt of the email. After initial processing, the manuscript will be assessed by the Editor-in-Chief for suitability. If potentially acceptable, reviewers will be chosen, and you will be notified that the article has been sent on for review.

  1. Initial Review

At least two reviewers will be contacted to review your manuscript. If revision is recommended, the reviewers will fill out a form, in which they provide comments that will need to be addressed. The Editor-in-Chief will then assess this feedback and pass it along to the corresponding author(s).

  1. Authors response

The authors will have one month to respond to comments. Please provide updates in a word document with track changes. The Editor-in-Chief makes all final decisions and might request additional rounds of review and revision. We will be transparent about this process and keep you updated as to the status of a manuscript at any given time. If you wish to check the latest, just reach out to

  1. Publication

The entire publication of Oftalmolog will undergo proofreading by at least one native English speaker or professional proofreading service.

A note on indexing

Oftalmolog is currently NOT indexed in medical archives such as MEDLINE or PubMed Central. This means that your article will not show up in PubMed searches. However, our goal is to move towards becoming an indexed journal in the future. To this end, a review process is required.