Equipment for sale

Well-equipped examination clinic (TOPCON) with the following:

– Autorefr / keratometer KR-800
– Slit lamp SL-D4 + DC3 camera
– Unit IS 700 with suspension and motor for Phoropter
– Sight board with LED CC 100XP
– Phoropter CV-5000
– Spectacle meter CL-200
– ICare for IOP

New price between 350-400DKK.
I am willing to halve the price of a total purchase otherwise make a bid.

Contact: Per Julius Nielsen at

Refractive Power / Corneal Analyzer Nidek OPD-Scan lll, topo-aberrometer

– Topographer
– Auto Refractometer
– Auto Keratometer
– Pupillometer and Pupillographer

Less than two years old, sells for half price

Smile Eyes AS, Havnegata 2, 9008 Tromsø;

Anterior Segment Swept-Source OCT, Casia SS-1000

– Cornea topo/tomographer providing better precision than the Scheimpflug devices
– Anterior chamber angle analysis
– Measurement of corneal thickness and anterior chamber depth
– Auto alignment/Auto Shot
– Examination time 0.3 sec

Perfect condition, sells for 1/3 of the new price

Smile Eyes AS, Havnegata 2, 9008 Tromsø;

Avedro KXL System: The only FDA-approved Corneal Cross-linking Device

– 3 to 45 mW/cm2 of continuous or pulsed power
– Wireless remote control for accurate and convenient X, Y, and Z axis adjustments during treatment
– Touchscreen monitor for premium operator visibility and ease of use
– Intuitive software user interface
– Live camera for ease of alignment and image acquisition

Perfect condition, sells for 1/4 of the new price

Smile Eyes AS, Havnegata 2, 9008 Tromsø;